Bob Hoskins performing in Roger Rabbit, before & after animation. Brilliant.

Panto, Stuntman, Actor extraordinaire Bob Hoskins of #FandomFriday

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I compiled some personal tactics and crowd sourced DIY remedies for the sads (clinical term) into a mini comic! Enjoy xoxo

Self Care; A Comic for #WriteRightWednesday (just all of the rawlovefeels)

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The Thin Man, Nick & Nora original; #ReviewsdayTuesday
$.50 book, no cover necessary. Life, made better by banter.

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Chvrches cover Janelle Monáe’s “Tightrope” Live at Billboard

"Tangible change can only happen when people challenge the status quo" — @CHVRCHES Cover janellemonae “Tightrope”for #MusicMonday

yes, well… introspective much?

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  • The Flash: That’s right, fastest man alive!
  • Hawkgirl: which might explain why you can’t get a date.

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"April is the cruelest month."

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"Learn everything that is good from others, but bring it in, and in your own way absorb it; do not become others."

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Life Will Give You Whatever Experience Is Most Helpful for The Evolution Of Your Consciousness

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Holi, the Hindu festival of colour. (x)

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"Solo Dancing" by indianathegirl for #MusicMonday — ooooh, I cannot stop pressing the thing. replay. #euphemism!

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Do I Wanna Know? (Arctic Monkeys cover) - CHVRCHES

Perfect Audio is Perfect.

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Do I Wanna Know? (Arctic Monkeys cover) - CHVRCHES

for #MusicMonday.

  • This is exists. Mark that down as things you want to know.
  • Not even kidding, this gives me a lady boner. Mark that down as things you didn’t want to know.

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sternum. n.

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